The earth’s biodiversity is a vital resource. 
Buffelskloof Herbarium is under threat: it needs your support.

Buffelskloof is unique: an internationally significant herbarium and research centre set in an area of outstanding biological diversity.  Visited by scientists from across the world, it forms part of a global network of leading herbaria, exchanging specimens and supplying plant material to scientists researching new medicines and drought-resistant crops. Memoranda of Cooperation have been signed with The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew and Naturalis, the Dutch national herbarium. 

Located on the reserve established by the late John Rae, the ever-increasing – and never more vital – demands of the herbarium’s commitment to conserving Africa’s priceless biodiversity mean it can no longer survive solely by the funds he set aside for its future. It receives no state funding. Thus its future cannot be guaranteed without your help.

The John Rae Trust is a registered charity set up in the UK to ensure the future of the vital research and education programmes at Buffelskloof Herbarium. It urgently needs your support.

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Donations are critical to our ongoing vitality. Any amount you can provide will be gratefully received, and contribute solely to our work in understanding, preserving, and encouraging biodiversity.