Courses and meetings




The Herbarium, with its lecture room, library and camp site is a popular venue for short courses and meetings of students, professionals and citizen scientists, a place where research and education meet naturally.

Workshops and short courses are held on many topics, attracting a wide variety of personnel from Southern Africa and beyond. Together, they make a significant contribution to saving Africa’s precious natural heritage, and inspiring the next generation of committed natural scientists.

The following is a typical sample of recent events at the Herbarium:

  • courses on the endangered flora of Mozambique, grass identification, the evolution of underground trees and the BRAHMS botanical database;
  • the regular CREW (Custodians of Rare and Endangered Wild Plants) meeting;
  • lectures and workshops on the local flora held by The Mpumalanga Plant Specialist Group;
  • a retreat on writing scientific papers led by eminent ethno-pharmacologist Alvaro Viljoen.
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