Field trips



One of the most inspirational aspects of the research centre is as a place where groups of advanced students can supplement their theoretical academic studies by seeing plants and animals in their natural environment, within pristine ecosystems, in an area of outstanding biodiversity. In addition to the Reserve itself, its location within easy reach of major reserves such as the Kruger National Park, its savannah teeming with game of all sizes, and a days drive from the wetlands of Kwa Zulu Natal make it an ideal base for students, naturalists and visiting scientists.

Visitors from local universities as well as the USA, India and Europe have recently studied a wide range of disciplines, with Masters and Honours projects including work on birds and the spread of trees, forest classification, grassland regeneration after afforestation, and the presence of phytoliths in Iron Age settlements. All conducted with world-class expertise on hand, providing a uniquely valuable educational resource.

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