Key Personnel


John Burrows is a world renowned botanist, a dedicated scientist-conservator and educator whose expertise and passion have inspired numerous students over many years. Author of a number of influential works of reference, his most recent is The Trees and Shrubs of Mozambique, a major contribution to science and conservation as the first comprehensive description of the country’s flora, under massive threat from human activity and exploitation.

J.E. Burrows publications 

Barbara Turpin first came to Buffelskloof as a volunteer in 2009; since then she has become a leading expert on BRAHMS, the database developed at Oxford University as part of the project to co-ordinate global biodiversity studies. Regularly called on to give courses at top herbaria across South Africa, she also travels widely in Europe and Africa visiting herbaria and collecting plant specimens. A keen musician, Barbara also teaches the viola in local schools.


Sandie Burrows is a prize-winning botanical artist and illustrator, whose many thousands of drawings have illustrated publications including works by herself and her husband John. A botanist with a particular interest in the Asparagaceae family of flowering plants, of which she has discovered several new species, Sandie is also an expert on drift seeds, a subject of great topical interest and importance in the development of the theory of evolution; Darwin himself being fascinated by this subject. A book on drift seed is currently nearing completion.

S.M. Burrows publications

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